With linguine and some frozen vegetables, what to do? Add yogurt?

The answer to #whatsfordinner is not always obvious.  Sometimes what we start with is just whatever we find in the refrigerator, and like tonight the outcome does not appear promising at first.  With noodles and frozen mixed vegetables, our combined creativity was tapped out. 

Rather than a quick trip to the store, we made a quick look in the phone.  Putting in a few ingredients in to the smartphone gives results surprisingly useful. To be fair, we also found we had some cooked frozen shrimp in the freezer.  One of us thought to enter "shrimp vegetable pasta", and found this on a well designed mobile site:

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Shrimp & Vegetables at EatingWell.com

This recipie is a self described mediterranean yogurt sauce.  Fortunately we also had yogurt, but I had overlooked this as a dinner ingredient on my first pass.

Making the yogurt sauce, we chopped a little garlic, simmered too much linguine, heated the frozen mixed vegetables, and after a little conversation found our senses returning.  One of us made iced tea.  One of us put plates on the table.

Dinner was remarkably pleasant.  The yogurt sauce was optional, and it was tasted by all.  After the taste, it was (at least by the cooks) wholeheartedly spooned on to the noodle dish as if it were something made with tomatoes.  This was not for light dipping, this was a sauce.

The ingrdients for the yogurt sauce up to the very last are similar to ingredients for a tomato based pasta sauce, which is likely why we had all of this in the house in the first place.  Garlic, a mix of herbs (we used a pre-made blend of thyme, chervil, marjoram, and basil only because it was left over from a previous night's preparation) salt, olive oil, it begins to veer...pepper, lemon juice (and more than I would have expected) and yogurt.  We actually added everything to the yogurt and witheld the lemon juice until right before eating.  i just wasn't sure about that. But it was fantastic.

We'll do it again, and next time it will be planned.

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