Fish Tacos -Another take on 7 minute lunch

One of the fastest lunches I can serve is fish.  When the order of thawing, heating, searing and steaming is thought through, the three parts of lunch all finish at the same time and are ready to serve hot.  For our typical 7 minute lunch, I start the fish first.  The fish cooks in five minutes, and by then the steamed vegetables are ready.  We have enjoyed this repeatedly and when I began to make it today I was facing another ingredient in the refrigerator. Tortillas.

We are long time buyers of tortillas.  I think of them as a treat, and we don’t buy them on every trip to the store.  When we lived in locations that offered fresh baked tortillas, we did buy them every time we went to the store  (A would be fascinated watching the hand mixed dough go around the tortilla baking machine.  I wish stores had fresh made tortillas here.)

Inspired by this treat, we made fish tacos for lunch.  Still within 7 minutes, and by “we” I mean A assembled her own lunch!  I thawed one frozen tilapia filet in the microwave.  Had I planned ahead, I could have thawed it in the refrigerator starting right after breakfast, but I’m not that kind of food planner.  (2 minutes) With a paper towel dried filet searing in olive oil on the stove (I love my fajita pan for this), I put a pre-baked sweet potato in the oven set to 400 degrees.  I should have done this first.  Then I steamed seasoned mixed vegetables for 3 minutes, a significanlty shorter time than is recommended on the label. This creates a better texture while still heating the vegetables. I used Pictsweet, Seasoned Spring Mix with Asparagus.  From the refrigerator I gathered a few inner leaves of romaine, and A opened the tortillas.  I put two tortillas in the still warming oven, placing each one directly on the oven rack.

I turned the fish once, and sprinkled a garlic and onion salt mix over the cooked side.  Being an extremely thin filet, the fish was ready quickly.  I use the 10 minutes per inch rule of thumb for cooking fish, but I also test it with a fork.  The filet flaked easily directly down the middle leaving two narrow pieces, one for me, one for A.

Lunch is served!

We each had a nectarine, and the romaine was within reach on the table. Everything else came to the table hot, half a sweet potato, a bowl of steamed vegetables, a tortilla on each plate.  We each added a lettuce leaf and spoonfuls of vegetables to our tortillas.  A put her own fish in the tortilla.  I didn’t think she would.  I had assembled my own in the kitchen, but left the fish and tortilla side by side for AA  has been in an eating all things separate for a while, which I haven’t commented on.  But the appeal of tacos was too compelling!  A  put it together and ate it all.  I think we’ll do this again.

Fish Tacos -Another take on 7 minute lunch

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